Koedoe, with the subtitle ‘African Protected Area Conservation and Science’, promotes and contributes to the scientific (biological) and environmental (ecological and biodiversity) conservation practices of Africa by defining the key disciplines that will ensure the existence of a wide variety of plant and animal species in their natural environments (biological diversity) in Africa. View our Editorial Team.

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Reviewer Acknowledgement

Reviewer acknowledgement  
Editorial Office
27 November 2018

Original Research

Seasonal variation in species richness and abundance of waterbirds in Mole National Park, Ghana: Implication for conservation and ecotourism  
Timothy K. Aikins, Francis Gbogbo, Erasmus H. Owusu
02 October 2018

Original Research

The 2013–2014 vegetation structure map of Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, produced using free satellite images and software  
Eduardo M. Arraut, Andrew J. Loveridge, Simon Chamaillé-Jammes, Hugo Valls-Fox, David W. Macdonald
27 September 2018

Book Review

Review of National Park Science: A Century of Research in South Africa by Jane Carruthers  
Peter A. Novellie
06 September 2018

Short Communication

Occupancy and habitat use by six species of forest ungulates on Tiwai Island, Sierra Leone  
Kathryn R. McCollum, Emily Belinfonte, April L. Conway, John P. Carroll
29 August 2018