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Plant nematodes in South Africa. 7. A check list of plant nematodes from the Fynbos Biome, with a description of Helicotylenchus curatus sp. n.

M. Marais, E. van der Berg, A. Swart, L.R. Tiedt
Koedoe | Vol 47, No 1 | a68 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.4102/koedoe.v47i1.68 | © 2004 M. Marais, E. van der Berg, A. Swart, L.R. Tiedt | This work is licensed under CC Attribution 4.0
Submitted: 18 December 2004 | Published: 18 December 2004

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M. Marais,
E. van der Berg,
A. Swart,
L.R. Tiedt,

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Plant nematodes recorded during surveys in the Fynbos Biome are listed and a new Helicotylenchus species is described. Helicotylenchus curatus sp. n. is characterised by
stylet length (42-46 μm in females, 37-40 μm in males), presence of two rudimentary subdorsal and two rudimentary subventral lobes on the labial disc, first lip annulus divided into six sectors, presence of fasciculi and presence of males. Nine families represented by 32 genera and 152 species were identified from the Fynbos Biome. The genera
Criconema, Helicotylenchus, Hemicycliophora, Rotylenchus, Scutellonema and Xiphinema were found in more than 30 % of the localities, whereas Caloosia, Criconemoides, Ditylenchus, Geocenamus, Hemicriconemoides, Heterodera, Hoplolaimus, Longidorus, Meloidogyne, Mesocriconema, Ogma, Paralongidorus, Paratrichodorus, Paratylenchus, Pratylenchoides, Pratylenchus, Rotylenchulus, Trichodorus
and Tylenchorhynchus were found at fewer localities. The genera Anguina, Hirschmaniella, Histotylenchus and Zygotylenchus were each identified from a single locality.


Biodiversity; Fynbos; Helicotylenchus; Plant nematodes; New species; South Africa; Taxonomy


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