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Taljaard, Sandra, People and Conservation Department, South African National Parks, Northern Cluster, Golden Gate National Park
Tatham, G.H., Department of National Parks and Wild Life Management
Tayler, C. K, Snake Park
Taylor, R.D., Department of National Parks and Wild Life Management
Taylor, Susan J., Centre for Development Support, University of the Free State
Tedder, Michelle J., School of Life Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Teichmann, Marion, Hyaena Research & Conservation
Terblanche, R.F., Potchefstroom University for CHE
Terblanche, R.F., University for CHE, Potchefstroom
Thackeray, J. Francis
Thatcher, L., University of Pretoria
Theron, G. K, University of Pretoria
Theron, G.K., University of Pretoria
Theron, J. M.
Theron, Nicholas, Department of Genetics, University of the Free State; Mabula Ground Hornbill Research and Conservation Project, Bela-Bela
Theron, P.D., PUfor CHE
Thorne, S.C, Department of Nature and Environmental Conservation
Thrash, I.
Thrash, I. (South Africa)
Thrash, I., University of Pretoria
Thrash, I., Kruger National Park
Tiedt, L.R.
Toerien, D. K., Departement van Mynwese, Pretoria
Toerien, D. K, Geologiese Opname
Tokura, Wataru, Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, University of Cape Town; Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town
Tosh, C.A., University of Pretoria
Trollope, L.A., University Fort Hare
Trollope, W.S.W., University of Fort Hare
Trollope, W.S.W., University Fort Hare
Trollope, Winston S.W., Working on Fire International, Nelspruit
Tshisikhawe, Milingoni P., Department of Botany, University of Venda
Turner, M.L.
Turner, M.L., University of Limpopo
Turner, M.L., Medical University of Southern Africa
Twine, Wayne, School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand

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